Cyber-crime is a common way of committing crimes in this generation. It is regarded as a safer and more efficient way to carry out crimes in this day and age. Due to various reasons, the rate of cyber-crime has increased significantly over the years.One specific example is the annual number of data breaches that occurred in the United states has increased from 157 in 2005 to 1093 in 2016.  Within those 1093 breeches that occurred in 2016, 36.6 million of records were stolen which includes all kind of personal information.One way of executing cyber-crime is with the use of botnets. Botnets are able to distribute malware through many means. One of the most used methods botnets uses is through massive email spamming. The email mimics an invoice or bill and contains malicious attachments which can be concealed as an office file to avoid suspicion. After the file is launched, it will execute a macro or script to download the malware into your operating system. This kind of malware could affect anybody and everybody and the attacker will send the same email to as many people as possible.An example of botnet attack is Necur botnet case study. In 2016 the Necur botnet is extremely prevalent in distributing malware through massive email campaigns. The Necur botnets have sent more than 2.3 million emails to the world in 5 campaigns. Necur uses many different kind of downloaders such as JavaScript downloaders, .wsf attachments and VBS attachments. The use of many downloaders shows that they are a botnet for hire.Underground economy is the place where cyber-criminals sell the information stolen during cyber-crime. Many of them get the personal information through data breeching. Since the transactions that occurred here are not recorded, the government cannot easily track what happens inside here.The underground economy sells many different information and services ranging from ride-hailing apps such as Uber to distributed denial of service(DDOS) services. The more commonly sold item is credit-card information which can range from 50 cents to a hundred dollars.One way to avoid being targeted by a cyber-criminal is always update your security software on all your electronic devices such as your notebooks and mobile phones to defend yourself from new and upcoming malwares. You can also refrain from downloading apps from unfamiliar sites. Only download apps from a trusted source such as the app store or the play store. Another recommendation is to enable alerts from your bank so that your will be alerted whenever a transaction occurs in your bank account.In a nutshell, the rates cybercrimes are expected to increase over the years and we should expect new and different approach that cyber-criminals will use to attack us. What we can do is to be cautious of what we do on the internet and stay up to date with the news and software updates.