goal in life is to become a certified nurse anesthetist plus at this time I’m a
pharmacy technician, for this reasons a chose to talk about the medical profession.
Every individuals in the images look professional in my opinion except one
individual that was wearing bright colors and it did not look to professional
for a hospital setting.

Some of the things that made the individuals in this
images look professional were there attire and presentation. They all wear the
proper uniform for their field of work and the necessary personal protective
equipment that is required when you work in a hospital and you need to maintain
a clean and sterile environment. The personnel that were not wearing a medical
gowns they all wear the proper attire. For example their choice of closet was
proper for a hospital, there closet was not messy they all iron the look sharp.

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In a hospital pharmacy setting personal present an
attitude is essential because we are the last place a patient goes before they
go home after a long day in the hospital. Patient expect hospital employees to
look, dress, and act professional. When it comes to proper attire in a military
pharmacy we are pretty forward we have regulation that civilian and military
employees have to follow.



For example civilian females personal are not allowed to
wear shorts that go above their knees, t-shirts that reveal cleavage, or open toe
shoes including high hills. For Civilians males they are not allowed to wear a
hat, sport jerseys, or open toe shoes. When it comes to military personnel,
they have to wear their military uniform and they have to shave every day and
maintain their hair up to regulation.

 A hospital is a
business we want people to come back to our hospital and if we have employees that
look and act unprofessional patient are going to go to a different hospital. A
Hospital is like a restaurant, if you go to a restaurant and their employees
look dirty and they’re rude to you, next time you are going to go to a
different restaurant. That is not good for business.


Part 2: Personal Reflection and


            Professional appearance is important
in the workplace especially in a pharmacy because it helps to convey an image
of competence and confidence to our patients and other staff. In a military
pharmacy standards are hold higher that in a civilian pharmacy in my opinion.
For example we have grooming regulations that required employees maintain their
hair styled neatly brush so that it will not hinder vision or come in contact
with medications and cause a safety hazard.

Males must have a clean shave face at all
times. No jewelry is allowed in the medical compounding room. When it comes to
clothing, clothing must be of good taste and clean. No profanity words printed
in the clothing is allowed or any racial discriminating symbols for female’s
shits need to be button all the way to the neck and skirts need to de below the
knees. When it comes to foot ware the only type of foot ware that are not
allowed are open toe shoes or sandals.

What makes and pharmacy technician a
professional? In mi experience what make an employee a professional in my field
is someone that cares for the patients and is able to put everything aside and
place the needs of our patients first. Some one that is knowledgeable and that is
not too proud to ask questions when they are uncertain about something because in
my world is better to ask for help before you make a mistake. Finally some that
can portray trust because trust is important especially when you are giving
instructions to a patient on how they need to take their medications.

attributes are very important not only in my field but in every job. The two
things that I personaly bring to work with my every day are a positive ‘can do’
attitude and honesty ‘Say what you mean, mean what you say’. This two thing can
make you or destroy you in a work place. If you come to work with a negative
attitude that negativity will spread like a virus and that is why you always
want to be positive at work because positivity will spread like a virus to.
Honesty is important your employees need to be able to trust you, if they cannot
trust their you who they are going to trust. That is why I always stick to my
word and I always mean what I say and never back out, and If I ever screwed up
and make a mistake, I admit to it and I do everything in my power to make it
right so we can move forward and continue with the mission.


The attributes that I practice that makes
me a professional are communication, attitude, and appearance. There is not a
one that I do more than the other one, I try to keep a balance between all
three because one is not more important that the other one. Every day I look at
myself in the mirror to make sure that I look sharp because how can you tell your
employees that they are wrong when you wrong I like to lead by example. This is
my personal opinion but the one thing that makes me a professional in my field
is that I will not tell an employee to do something that I do not know how to  myself. I make sure that I can do everyone’s job
in the pharmacy and that I’m proficient on it. This are the traits that make me
a professional in the pharmacy and in the Army.