Peru’s gate of the God

There is site 800 miles away south-east from Lima, Peru near the shores of Lake Titicaca where the listed number of visitors from around the world come every year. At that place which is also known as stone forest or spirit, forest present a gigantic rock which has been worshiped by the Shaolin’s from a very long time and still every day they come there to perform rituals and offer prayers. They have been doing this from generation after generation. It is known as “Puerta de Hayu Marca” or “gate of the gods”.There is giant doorway carved into the solid rock which appears to be a gate, but it doesn’t go anywhere. One can clearly see that there is a gigantic rock which has a rectangular shape carved out of it or cut out of it and at the center of that rectangle at the bottom there is a something that looks like a door. The Peruvian natives refer to this as a gate of the gods but why would someone make a doorway in basically rocks that didn’t that didn’t let you go anywhere so there has to be some way.What legends said about that site?According to Incan legend, the first Incan priest came ‘Amaru Meru’ is said to have traveled through this portal using a special object to activate the doorway turning this solid rock into its said stargate. The legend says that this Stargate is activated by the help of a golden disc and that disc is said to be falling from the sky. The story came as the first Incan priest came with a golden disc to the gate of the god stuck it in a special area and this inter-dimension doorway actually opened up and he passed through it and never to be seen again. The Shamen that was there who watched that and witnessed the whole thing and reported on it and told that was actually what happened.The archaeologist has examined the Gate of the God and discovered a small circular depression in the center of that doorway. Some people speculated that this depression was perhaps where the golden disc was placed. This device is said to be made of the gold and various other precious objects and whoever had it can come near to site and somehow be able to operate it and then they are supposed to contact to god or the god had come to them. Some people believe that this is a coincidence and its all just fancy.But there must have something happened and in the case of the Stargate, it is possible that the sun disc has some type of extra-terrestrial connection and that this was a technological device with which to travel.