My Extended Essay topic details the black influence on music during the Harlem Renaissance era. I believe that the topic I’ve chosen is vitally important because the Harlem Renaissance was one of the most popular cultural, social, and artistic movements that took place in Harlem between the end of World War I and the middle of the 1930s. It is a fact that the Harlem Renaissance helped pave the way following the World War II phase of the Civil Rights Movement. Many black artists who rose to new heights after the unrest were expressed being inspired by the Harlem Renaissance and its movement. Understanding, this was a cultural endeavor that lead many artists to reach deeper into their creative thinking to further develop the black music industry and its growth. The Harlem Renaissance was more than an artistic movement; this movement included valuable and sociological development.  This topic is important to me personally. As an African American young man, it is always fun and very interesting to learn more and more about my own culture and history. The impact that black people had on music at that time reached across many lanes of diversity. Even the foundation of the music that I personally listen to daily has been heavily influenced by the Harlem Renaissance movement. Black culture is the direct connection to the Harlem Renaissance. Black culture continues to expand with no limits on what you can or cannot express lyrically. The main idea of being free and open about expressing everything regarding one’s life has been passed down through the ages of black culture. This has transitioned to the music and poetry that we so commonly see today. Similar to rap music, although, misunderstood by many rap music is very prolific and insightful. Every album released by a rap artist is simply a new piece of poetry waiting to be heard. This musical platform is even more important to me because my older brother is a rap artist. Having many opportunities to see and listen to his music up close and in person has given me a perspective on how the Harlem Renaissance movement has contributed to the music industry overall.Music Industry:There are many ways in which black people have influenced the music industry.  Just as there are many music styles, techniques, and cultural aspects that come into play with their influence on the music. Many different lyricist, artists and composers became popular during this time period and in the process, they influenced other artist and their music. These artists were a part of the most significant, intellectual and artistic trends of the twentieth century American history. Their impact on the music industry was not their end. Their influence on music shifted the culture during this era as well.