Transaction comission

How much should I pay for a Bitcoin transaction?The calculation of the commission to be paid for each transaction is often determined by the portfolio (wallet) of Bitcoin that we are using, but must always know the principles that govern these, so as not to fall into errors. The amount of a transaction is given by the number of entries included in it and the number of issues.If too low a value is determined, or set to zero, the transaction will be ignored by miners, and will remain in the blockchain (Mempool) transaction queue for several hours, days, or even could be rejected by the bitcoin network. Many novices, even some experienced advanced bitcoin users have no idea how to set the right amount to include in a transaction, and leave the fees suggested by portfolios, or even tend to maximize the amount of these, including exaggerated values. Therefore they are in many cases wasting uselessly a number of satoshis.How is it calculated?Assuming that all the entries you are spending for the new transaction correspond to regular “pay to address” transactions, each entry will contribute 180 (about 1) bytes to the transaction. For each output, 34 bytes are added to the transaction. And there is a fixed extra 10 bytes that are always present.The “more or less No. Inputs” comes from the fact that each entry needs a signature to be claimed. The signature contains two 32-byte values, but if either value has a first byte of 0x80 or more, it has a 0x00 byte added to it. It is assumed that one of the two is tall and the other is low. That way I leave at least one byte per entry.So based on the fact that your transaction has an Inputs and Outputs No., the size of the transaction, in bytes would be calculated as follows:No. bytes = NºInputs * 180 + NºOutputs * 34 + 10 plus or minus NºInputsLet’s say, for example, that the transaction contains 1 input and 1 output. That gives us a transaction size ofBytes = 1* 180 + 1* 34 + 10 + – 1That is 224 + – 1 bytes. Viewing this transaction the actual size is 226 bytes.Updated informationAt this time and according to bitcoinfees. 21. co the commissions to be used would be as follows:Faster commission:[jsoncontentimporter url= “”]{fastestFee}, half an hour: {halfHourFee} in one hour: {hourFee}[/jsoncontentitmporter] (in satoshis byte)This information is updated automatically when the page loads, if you want to know the most updated value reload the page.How many inputs/outputs have an addressIn some BTC coin pursees there may be numerous BTC addresses, but if you know them, you can know the number of inputs and outputs from these addresses.To do this, we have included a new application in our quotes sy bitcoin blockchain website ( can obtain the different transactions that make up a BTC address, and know the inputs and outputs.Sync by YYeTs. netAmount not spentAlso known as an unspent balance, it is a transaction output that includes the amount not transferred to other Bitcoin addresses and remains in your account.For example: If you receive the following transactions in your purse +0.01 BTC +0.05BTC +0.3BTC you will have a balance of 0.36BTC and three entries.If you spend 0.2BTC will generate 2 outputs one of 0.2BTC to the shipping address and another of 0.16 to your own address for the unspent amount.