Noah could barely feel his feet touch the ground, he was running so fast, and he could feel beads of sweat on his forehead. The rain was beating down on him, soaking his jacket and seeping in through his shoes as the bitterly cold night air filled his lungs with every breath. His border collie, Rosie, was dashing closely behind him. Rosie was a black and white sheepdog-agile, clever and strong. Noah was running as fast as his scrawny 13-year-old legs would carry  The pale yellow streetlamps illuminated the  street. Two robust-looking men were chasing Noah through the city. He glanced over his shoulder, the men were gaining on him. One was quite tall, lanky and looked as though he was in his late 20’s, while the other was slightly older-looking and portly. Noah picked up his pace and darted around a corner. The two men followed. He took another sharp left and found himself in an alleyway. “Oh great” he muttred. “Trapped.” he backed up against a wall, and heard footsteps approaching. “He’s somewhere near here, i saw him… OW!” he yelled furiously. Someone had thrown a rock at his head. Noah looked around him, searching for the thrower. Perhaps he was not alone. Suddenly, a person dashed around the corner and into the alleyway. “Up here! The wall’s not too steep, we can use it as a ramp and… quick!” the two men were only a few feet away from them. He scampered up the wall, following the figure, with Rosie close behind. They were now racing across rooftops in the pouring rain at three o’ clock in the morning. “Left!” braked the figure. “Right! Left again!” He followed the instructions carefully, wondering where he was going. After seven minutes of running, the trio began to slow down. The figure seemed to know exactly where they were, and sat down straddle-legged on one of the rooftops.”i’d love to know” said the figure,”what you were doing running around a dark city in the middle of the night?” “What i’d love to know is,” replied Noah,“who the hell are you?” The figure turned to him. He recognized her face, it was his sister, Adalynn. She was also wearing a coat, and had a pair of tall leather boots on her feet. Her curtain of dark hair covered half of her face. “Adyln!” he exclaimed, smiling, as she smiled back. “I knew you were up to something,” she sighed. “You do this every friday night, Noah. If you keep going back to that old place you’re going to get in some real trouble. ‘Spose you got caught this time?” she said, casually eating a muffin she had stuffed into her pocket. “Yeah, Apollo was in the main room lighting the fire and when he went to get some coal, he bumped into those two blokes and they chased us through the tow,” he said. “Where is now?” she asked, through mouthfuls of muffin. “Dunno. Lost track of him after… never mind,” he said, spotting a sparrow soaring towards them. The sparrow landed on the tip of the roof and fell over, tweeting madly. Adalynn and Noah laughed heartily. The sparrow suddenly transformed into a young boy of 13, with short, blonde hair and a round face. He was gasping for air, catching his breath. “I don’t know how birds do it, I’m so tired I could sleep on broken glass,” he panted. “Hey Apollo, have you seen rosie? I don’t think she was nimble enough to balance along here, she must have turned back and gone home. “Right then,” said Adalynn, standing up. “Let’s find her.”The next day, as Noah walked down to breakfast, he was greeted by a stack of pancakes on the rickety table in the living room.“Made breakfast,” said Adalynn casually, reading in front of the fireplace. She was sitting with Rosie on the poufy couch that sat in front of the fire. He scooped up the plate of pancakes and joined them. “Last night was…” he stopped in mid-sentence and let out a squeal.With a flash of smoke, Rosie transformed into a tall, black haired girl wearing a long, black cloak. “Don’t do that without warning me, Rosie, it startled me. By the way, what are you wearing?” he said, raising an eyebrow. “It’s a cloak. Fully ‘ole thing, isn’t it?” she gave a twirl around, and took one of Noah’s pancakes. Noah dug in to his food, and left them in silence.(later in the story)Nicholas. Wal