Haat bazaars

Haat bazaars are an enduring
phenomenon in the urban landscape of India. A group of traders and vendors come
together in the same physical realm and sell a variety of consumer goods. These
markets are mobile and shift locations on each day of the week, catering to a
diverse spectrum of consumers. They are resilient, efficient and over time,
they have evolved and developed a structure with a set of rules and
characteristics. Story of Banastarim rural haat is similar to it.


This project explores the
purchase preferences, specific items generally purchased and average spending
per week/month of the buyers in the market. It also explores various facets of
the bazaars and types of products & consumer goods sold in the market. The
primary component of the data will be obtained by ethnographic methods and
interactions with buyers & sellers. This project
will also include audio-visuals of Banastarim haat bazaar to better visualise
and understand the market aspects researched in this project and also to derive
inferences about the per day revenue generated from these markets.

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and plan of work


·       Participant
observation on visiting the sites of these markets in Banastarim. It will
include informal interaction with traders & sellers. This would help us to understand the functioning of these markets and
also to understand the backgrounds of the buyers & sellers to figure out
their association with the bazaar.

·       Information will also be collected the form of
photographs, audio-visuals. This exercise will help us to understand the
physical space and the transformation of this space

throughout the day.

·       First-hand information will be collected in the form of semi-structured interviews, with people (buyers &
sellers) and others who are directly or indirectly associated with haat
bazaars. This would help us to understand and achieve the objective of our
research project.

·       Second-hand information will be collected from sources
such as libraries and public archives. Newspaper articles and websites will
also be a part of our dataset during the process of researching.


Observations, preparation and
work done till date


Market visited: Banastarim
haat bazaar on 26th Jan 2018.


Observations: – The bazaar
operates on Thursdays (evening) and Fridays (mornings) every week. There is no
central authority who administers or keeping tabs on various details such as
number of shops, information about the traders and bazaar transactions. The
bazaar works in self-administered form. Goods sold in Bazaar mainly comprised
of vegetables, fruits and sea-foods. Other products sold included spices,
plastic & steel household goods and handicrafts. Most of the products were
brought from Belgaum and other parts of Karnataka.


We interacted with few traders
so as to know the basic idea and details of the bazaar and their supplier and
customers base. Few photographs were also taken to understand the layout and
schema of the market place.


We are working on semi-structured interviews and questionnaires so as to
use them in our forthcoming visits.