Detectives, individuals, no good detectives

Every person has the ability to be disliked, just my personal experience. Detectives are persons (must of the time anyways). Detectives have the ability to be disliked. In every detective story you read you should encounter at least one detective. It does not matter in what form or shape he, she or it comes, you can dislike him. Therefore you can not rely on your detective to be the main attraction of your story. The only way on which you can insure that you create a detective story that can be entertaining for everybody is if you create a mystery that the readers cannot resolve by themselves. The reasoning behind this conclusion is as follows: you cannot create a detective that is unanimously liked, but what you can do is create a mystery that is so complex that you keep the readers on the edge of their seat all the way to the end and make your detective the only person in the entire universe that is capable of solving said mystery, once this is achieved your reader can come to two conclusions: I like the detective and I cannot do his job, or I don’t like the detective but I could never do his job. In both of the scenarios mentioned the readers the story is what kept the reader reading and so the personality of the detective would not matter as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the story. That is the  reason why good detectives can be so dislikable, because we see their skill for solving crimes as an all redeemable skill and their stories are entertaining. It doesn’t matter if you keep stuff from the audience as long as you do not give information to the detective that is completely impossible to get. An example of this could be “The Adventures of Sussex Vampire”, on this story, Sherlock Holmes sees the face of a kid and this gives him an unfair advantage compared to the audience since it was impossible for them to see the expression on the face of the child. This doesn’t affect the story since it was within Sherlock’s human capabilities to see the face of the kid. It would be different if Sherlock, who is know to be a human, would have used his x-ray vision powers to solve the mystery, then it would be just complete nonsense and the story would lose value.