sears From Good to bad

Sears was America’s Largest Retailer; the Walmart of its Time. According to Company case 11 Its Once Famous slogan “Where America Shops.” Wasn’t just a clever tag-line, it was a positioning statement with power. Sears became the biggest retailer by meeting customer needs. Using the retail marketing 4’ps Product,Place, Price and Promotion to really describe how Sears became one of the nations biggest retailers. Sears was a great department store at on point in time. They provided a wide variety of products with great quality, a little something for everyone. Sears well placed locations where accessible and convenient to get to by car and by metro transportation. Sears offered a large volume of product at a very low price to its customers. Sears advertised through Catalogs, mass channels of TV and print.Sears also once catered to every category to just about about every customer segment. Sears Lost it’s Once Commanding Market position because when it comes down to it sears lost focus. While Most Retail brands have forged strong , positioning strategies targeting specific segments Sears no longer stands for anything. For example: When you think of Walmart You here, “Save Money.Live Better”, When mentioning Target you to know to “Expect More.Pay Less”At Macy’s you get “The Magic of Macy’s” and Nordstrom promises to “Take Care of Customers no matter what it takes. Sears failed to refresh its positioning to make itself relevant in today’s marketplace. Everything that was being sold at Sears was always on sale; price was not a convincing value proposition at sears. Sears then Began to to sell there most differentiating assets at even more distressed K-Mart such- as Craftman tools, Kenmore Appliances, and Diehard Batteries, when they merged with them in 2005 to then become Sears Holding Corporation. Sears corporate strategy being turned into 40 different business units each set up to operate as independent businesses is directly responsible for Sears’s marketing struggles. The company is not being managed as a customer-focused retailer, but as a portfolio of financial assets. As a single retailer, Sears no stands for less and less as the 40 different businesses all fight for different objectives under the same brand name.When I think about sears I don’t see an image nor an value proposition that give me or anyone for that matter a reason to shop at any of there stores. Most Competing retailers have invested heavenly into sprucing up their brick and motor stores. Sears barely spent anything on there brick and motor stores leaving many of them looking old and shabby.  Sears has done better in e-commerce in recent years than it has in its Brick and motor stores. It has established a good strategy and strong approach and will continue to grow. Sears also has the advantage that enhance shopper options in terms of purchase, deliver, and return options. For example: Sears Return Policy Doesnt have a  have a statue of limitations on it like most brand store such as Walmart, Target or Macy’s, No matter how long ago you bought an item from Sears you could still return it. I Can say that Sears has officially went from being a traditional brick and motor store to an official Brick and click retailer more than Ebay and other retailers; however Sears is no Amazon. In Conclusion, as the market changed, Sears did not. It stuck to the things that made it big and did not lead jump on the bandwagon of catering to the new up and coming retail trends. All of the brands that they provided became corny in other words stale and lost its edge. All of sears location were neglected,old and dirty. Sears did manged to try to jump on the online scene also known as e-commerce bandwagon, According to text the did very well but was a little late and did not move quickly enough to really succeed. All of there prices where out done by other retailers such as Walmart, and Target. Sears also didn’t have good promotional skills and failed to really take advantage of the new and current social media scene, which they also did not move quickly enough to really have an impact with. In Order for Sears to be saved they will need a strong marketing and retail strategy. Focusing on strengthening Sears itself and strengthening customer relationships. If Sears really take the e-commerce platform, trending and current marketing strategies seriously I believe Sears can really be one of the current largest online retailers.