We have a problem!! The world has a population of 7.6 billion people. Approximately 795 million people suffer from undernourishment, which means one in nine people go to bed hungry. Of that undernourished population, more than 780 million people reside in developing countries. Asia has the world’s largest population of undernourished people. This is almost two thirds of the entire population. Southern Asia also has over 281 million people who are suffering from hunger. 65 percent of the 795 million undernourished population lives in “China, India, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia.”Is there not enough food to feed everyone? Wrong! The Earth has enough resources to support everyone but yet many are suffering because they don’t have access to food resources. Hunger is a result of climate change, food deserts, natural disasters, wars, conflict and poverty. One of the main effects of hunger is malnutrition. Malnutrition is caused when one does not get the adequate amount of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients your body requires from food. Malnutrition has very severe effects such as stunting the growth of children, underweight, and wasting. The epidemic of hunger has caused over five million deaths, killing children under five years old in developing countries. It is seen as the world’s main cause of death causing almost half, approximately 45 percent, of the world’s deaths. Approximately every 5 seconds a child dies from hunger. Malnutrition can cause anemia, iron deficiency, Vitamin A deficiency and more! These deficiencies causes more health problems and leads to millions of deaths. So what can we do to solve this? We can come together as one and help those in need. We can work in soup kitchens. Give to the homeless and poor and donate food. Don’t waste food, take what you can eat and save. Don’t take your privileges for granted! Help shelters and support feeding programs (School meals). Educate others on health risks and effects of hunger. Stabilize population and climate, increase sustainable farming and empower women. Most of us have access to the internet so take some time to research and try to  make a difference. We all can donate our time! 795 million people are living in hunger. What will you do?