Greatest Scientist

Isaac Newton was a physicist and mathematician in the 1600’s. He is most well known for discovering gravity published in a book in 1687. He also created the three laws of motion and discovered calculus. His scientific work stood for many years and was built upon and used by hundreds of scientists for many years and is used even in today.Newton’s work on gravity has credited two people and when published, he was accused of plagiarism however, what he used is still controversial between historians and scientists. In his laws of motion, he credited few scientists and in the first, it was supposedly conceived by other scientists.Charles Darwin was a biologist in the 19th century. His most important discovery is discovering evolution and natural selection. He a very influential person on science and biology and his theory of evolution and natural selection is used in the current day. In a paper about evolution and natural selection later used in his main book about evolution, he worked with another biologist, Alfred Russel Wallace who also thought up evolution through natural selection. Charles Darwin’s proposal of evolution received lots of attention at the time and controversy driven by religious beliefs. It also was not well received by some due to disbelief that humans evolved from apes.Finally, Ernest Rutherford. He was a physicist in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. As a scientist, he made many important advances in physics. He was the first to split the atom, theorized the nucleus, discovered the proton and created the model of an atom which lay the basis for the model which is used now in modern science.Prior to Ernest Rutherford’s discovery of the proton, there were already theories of a a particle that composed other atoms. In his discovery of a nucleus through an experiment, he conducted that experiment with his partner and was also helped by another physicist.In my opinion, I believe that the greatest scientist out of those 3 is Ernest Rutherford. He revolutionized our understanding of the atom which is used in many fields in the present day and much of his work is still very relevant in today’s technology. Although Newton created the early principles for science and Darwin revolutionized biology, I believe that Ernest Rutherford is the greatest scientist out of those three and he has contributed the most to science.The supposed inventor of the cat flap is Isaac Newton. The story is that, Newton possessed a cat and a kitten and created two holes, one large, for the mother and a smaller hole for the kitten. However, when the kitten went through the hole, instead of using the smaller hole, the kitten followed its mother through the bigger hole.