I am writing to express my interest in applying for a Master Degree program in Embedded Systems starting in winter semester 2017. I believe my educational background would enable me to make a strong contribution at your university. I mention that I have graduated in year 2016 in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University (BSMRSTU), Bangladesh.Bangladesh is a developing country and availability of research facility is very scarce in my country. Technological development of my country is not able to complete with the present world status. Now world is moving forward to Embedded Systems Technology and I want to make myself familiar with these technologies and want to contribute in development of my country?s Technology sector . A master degree in Electrical Engineering with Embedded Systems as major field is the next logical step. Furthermore, I believe that, in order to excel in the frontiers of any field, specialized knowledge and skills are mandatory. Only through research and meticulous studies these can be developed. I also believe that, I possess the capabilities to contribute to a particular field by focusing on that field and conduct proper research. That is the reason; I want to enroll into this graduate program.Wirelessly controlled cars, helicopters and walkie talkies always excited me when I was a young boy. Even at a naive age, I used to take a screw driver and start to take apart gadgets to see their inner workings. During that period, I could only understand that the antenna attached with those toys had some connection with the remote that was provided. Of course, one too many of my favorite playthings had to perish in the process. That incidence was stimulating for me and inspired me to study in Electrical and Electronic Engineering after my higher secondary examination. I got accepted into Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University, one of the best engineering universities of Bangladesh, and my journey to the realm of engineering began. I was able to keep an excellent academic record and graduated with a CGPA of 3.73 on a scale of 4.00. I was able to secure more than 90% marks on an average in almost all the courses and was in the top 5% of the students who graduate in my last academic year and stood second position among them. The excellent course curriculum of BSMRSTU was balanced with courses of electronics, programming and Laboratories which gave me lucid understanding and strong conceptual basis to pursue a master?s program in Embedded Systems.During my undergraduate studies of 4 years, I came to study Analogue Electronics, Control System, Microcontroller and Embedded System Design, Digital Electronics, VLSI & Logic Design, Signal Processing and Sensors Network and Power Electronics. The subject Microcontroller and Embedded System Design has fascinated me from the very beginning of my studies. I want to look into different possibilities of Embedded Systems and its novel implications. Furthermore, my various undergraduate projects, my final year project and lastly my research paper give me a broader scope and made me protean. Furthermore, I went beyond my curriculum, utilizing the knowledge I was gaining into practical projects. This correlation of theory to practical work gave me a better understanding of the subjects and provided me with ever so changing ways to look at things. Throughout my undergraduate, I built a variety of technical projects. My final year dissertation was titled “Controlling a prosthetic arm with EEG signals”. The goal was to develop a cheaper mechanical prosthetic arm that can be controlled using an Arduino-Uno microcontroller connected wirelessly with a Bluetooth enabled EEG headset. However, we had managed to record human brain activities such as, concentration and relaxation with the help of electrodes, and we used those values to control the close and open operation of the grip of the mechanical arm, used wires to transmit data from the probe to the mechanical arm. I have also done many projects using Microcontroller like: “Sequential Flow control for Liquid” “Water Level Detector”. After completing my graduation, I continued to work on a research paper “Vibrational Properties of Disorder Silicine”. The experience on this research paper helped me to understand various aspects of conducting a research effectively. ”Technische Universität Chemnitz”, has been in the pioneering seat of innovation and technology and has a rich history of achievements. With presence of institutes such as Institutes for Embedded Systems, integrated systems, I can not only receive proper research opportunities, but also, I can procure strong academic expertise by studying in this university. My exposure to a new social, academic and economic environment will give me several opportunities to learn more from a diverse culture and will make me strong as a future Ph.D. candidate with a solid research background. I believe that accomplishments lie within those who are willing to work hard with maximum concentration and pursue their dreams.Besides my study life, I am good at leading – this is why, I was selected as the class representative for two years at a stretch in my university life. At the beginning of third year, I had to quit the post of class representative because I took the responsibility of “EEE Association, BSMRSTU” as General Secretary (Most prestigious post for Students). I was at that post for the last two years. I took part in project competition arranged by “EEE Association, BSMRSTU” where I owned many prize monies. I tried to attend every seminar and workshop related to my study field and carrier. As a human being, I participated in Clean Your City?s (CYC) every program that is conducted by our teacher Professor Dr. Mohammad Hanif Seddiqui whose intention is to clean your own city by yourself and make others conscious about it. I also created a club in my village named “Charfilij Youth Club” to motivate uneducated parents to educate their children and to make young generation conscious about the bad effect of Intoxication.Finally, I am very interested in specializing myself in the field of Micro and Nano Systems to prove my abilities and gain new skills. After completing the master level course, I wish to devote myself to comprehensive research work, which is useful to mankind. I appreciate the amount of challenge and innovation involved in it. I firmly believe that if I could get a chance to cultivate my potentials in „?Technische Universitat Chemnitz„? that will definitely satisfy my thirst for higher study and it?s unique opportunity for me to get such kind of offer an advance country like Germany. I thank you for giving me an opportunity to express myself.