rana plaza

can be assume that the Rana Plaza building are being occupied before they get
the Certificate of Completion and Compliance. This action provides the risks to
safety of the publics since there is no certainty that building are safe or not
and it bring the problems to the engineer if there are something happen during
the period. A code of compliance certificate is a formal statement which state
that building work carried out under a building consent complies with that
building consent. The building officials need to be aware that the code of
compliance certificate is issued if the building work complies with the
building consent which it has completed and has met all statutory requirement
with regards to health and safety aspects and it ready to be use or occupied
with all essential utilities services connected.

it is an offence to use the building without code of compliance certificate.
For this Rana Building, the engineers allows the occupying of building with no
code of compliance and completion. Since this building still have no permit to
be occupied, the building perhaps not meet all the requirement and not safe for
the public yet. So, when the building being occupied with load and people, it
tends to collapse.

this situation, the action for engineer to allow the occupancy of unfinished
building are strongly wrong and danger for the safety of publics. And, it
contrary with item 1.0 that a registered Engineer should at all times hold
paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public where he or she easily
give a permission for occupancy unfinished building without certificate of
compliance and completion. Or, in item 1.4 said that the engineers which having
the knowledge of any violation of this code and regulation should report to an
appropriate to professional bodies and cooperate with proper authorities in
furnishing such information as may required.

one of the reason for the failure of Rana Plaza building can be when the project’s
document are easily get signed or stamped by PE without supervising the work. The
building tends to fail when there is no supervision from expert person. In Rana
Plaza case, the worker had change or reduce the reinforcing steel without permission
of building official and since there is no checking from the PE, the worker
might just continue their works and it leads to become one of building failure.
Also, it suspected that not enough rebar used in this building construction.
So, where the Professional Engineer when this happens and if this construction
had fully supervision by the PE, this mistake might not be happened.
Indirectly, it shown that this Rana Plaza are built with no or less supervision
from Professional Engineer.


is very important part in a construction works that intends to maximize its
success potential. No matter in what task, all the workers must have proper
instruction or training to ensure that they are doing their jobs correctly with
minimum risk of error. When the PE conduct no supervision, there is no
responsibility for taking action for prevention of problems. When the building
built without supervision of PE, it may danger everyone and it contrary to the
function of a Professional Engineer is to protect public safety. It is stated
in a BEM circular that the person (Professional Engineer) who submits a drawing
must supervise the construction work. Then, all the Professional Engineers are
strongly advised not certify completion of construction if they have not
carried out full time supervision or if supervision has not been carried out by
staff under his direct control.


the PE are responsible to their supervision and submit the document correctly
because they may be responsible for any future problems arising from the
project whose design he or she endorse. Also, stated in item 1.2 that a
Professional Engineer shall certify satisfactorily completion of a piece of
work only if he or she has control over the supervision of the construction.