Personal statement 

A love for scientific exploration and explanation, pleasure in helping others and pursuit of personal development inspired my passion to become one of the LUMS SBASSE undergraduates. I’ve always found myself strangely driven towards the field of Science, specially Biology. My decision to study Biology is literally the apex of experiences that have taught me the challenges and rewards in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, in general: How life really works. From macroscopic to microscopic scale everything’s functionality could be explained by Science and that is what makes me pursue my curiosity about it. But my real curiosity began when I read Ashlee Vance’s “Elon Musk And The Quest For A Fantastic Future” it really inspired me and made me wondered: What if there were more people just like Musk who can literally influence the future of this Universe and work towards a change? A change that is needed. A change that is a demand. I aspire to be that someone, someday who can really bring about that-change-for-better. 

During my Olevels, I co-led my school’s Science group, developing my teamwork and leadership skills by visiting primary school students and to encourage them to learn more about Science. I’ve always enjoyed interacting, connecting and helping others, because I believe teamwork and communication are necessary in any field. Though not really a sports person, but I sometimes enjoy swimming and playing badminton. Outside school, in order to relive stress and maintain a work-life balance, I love writing blogs on internet or publishing my artwork and articles for various magazines. To add more: I can cook and bake delicious cupcakes as well and that’s really a skill if you ask me! I’ve been fortunate to help my community through volunteer work at WWF (Worldwide Fund) for raising awareness about endangered species of animals and plants on the planet. I’ve been hosting my high school debating and sports events which taught me a much about social connectivity and skills to be able to make the lead. 

But not just limiting my knowledge to Biology or Science, I took Alevel Psychology as well. Studying Psychology has given me the ability to research independently and focus in detail, and applying in coursework. Both Psychology and Sociology reconfigured my perception of this world. I learnt the importance of more methodological and theoretical approaches with great depths. The inter connectivity of Social Science has always interested me, so it’s no surprise to state that I have applied to LUMS MGSHSS as well for either pursuing Psychology or Sociology and Anthropology. I have a personal connection with Social Sciences as it helped me deconstruct my previous perceptions that I held, changing the way I view today’s society. 

I can think of no better or satisfying path to pursue. 

What I love about LUMS is that it offers ‘diversity’ to its students. Diversity in their academia, extra curriculum and in their own personal development. Growing up I was always been told that only Doctors and Engineers lead a successful and prosperous lives (for this society at least) So a student like me, who always sees the world as a big home, a big place through broad spectrum of thinking and visualisation, for me LUMS will definitely be the perfect place to be a part of: To showcase my present talents and to explore the hidden ones. 

Farina Rashid