Literacy Narrative

People grow up in distinct places all around the world, everyone grows up having different believes or core values. That also means that they have reasons on how they came to hold these core values or beliefs. I myself have beliefs, growing up I never looked at the skin color of others as something different, their cultures, or there legal status. I was unaware that we were classified by the government as aliens for being undocumented. When I was 12 years old and found out about this it was a little hard not knowing what my future would hold. I believe I have dreams in life. I believe that fighting for what you deserve is worth the struggle. Ever since the day I got rejected in a school program because I had no social security number I promised my self that no body will ever tell me I can’t, because what I believe is stronger. I believe that no man is stronger and more powerful than my dreams and can determine my future. 
It’s been hard to continue with my believes on having dreams, every day it feels like it will be impossible for me to achieve these dreams I had since I was a little girl. I call it challenges, I have to face daily. There are people in the world that will try anything to stop you from being successful but I strongly hold my beliefs so that one day I am able to teach a classroom full of little humans that also have dreams for them and their families. 
Having to go through these struggles and difficulties to have a better live have made me appreciate everything I’m able to have. It also make my achievements much more satisfying and encourages me to continue because the next thing will be better. Dreams don’t stop just because someone tells you or tries too. Dreams stop when you allow these people too. I show no fear and continue to work towards my drams everyday because at the end I will reach a point where I have achieved them all and holding on to my believe will actually pay off. 

Reading has always been my favorite hobby but I have never really been good at it probably until now. I enjoy imagining the setting and the characters in my mind. I have gone through different genres to find the one that interests me. I think in my lifetime I have only completed a book or two on my own because I found them interesting. I use to read romantic novels until they all started to sound very similar and I lost interest. I have recently started reading Stephen King books and I love them. I have a couple of his books but because I don’t have much free time I just started reading one, “The Shinning”. So far I have been really into it so I believe my genre is horror fiction. It’s very intriguing and the suspense of not knowing what is going to happen is what keeps me entertained and focused on the book that I don’t want to stop reading it. 
I personally do not like reading of any electronics because it’s not the same feeling. I tried it once with a free sample but instead I purchased the book because it’s just not the right way. I also do have a hard time remembering what I read so I have to read it out loud. Its been this way since I was younger. I think the reason for it is because I was always behind on my English and reading out loud helped me practice. To this day it still helps me keep improving my English. I wish I had more time to read as I really enjoy it, especially on cold winter days. Reading has not really influenced me in the way it has influenced others because I don’t think I have allowed it to. Maybe my reading choices or my lack of time. No matter if it has influenced me or changed my views on anything I really appreciate being able to have the time I do to read a good book.