I am currently in my second term at my school and
concentrate Level 3 Diploma BTEC IT. My educators have given me targets and anticipated
evaluations for these subjects; a refinement in BTEC IT.


So far in Computer Science I have learnt how to code
productively and to an abnormal state in C#, expanded my insight into PC
engineering from GCSE, and possessed the capacity to apply the abilities I have
learnt from the subject to my regular work. I have enhanced my critical
thinking abilities, for example in Computer Science I can find mistakes in my
code and fix them without much difficulty. I have possessed the capacity to
enhance my critical thinking and scientific aptitudes through the various
issues that I experience in tests and inquiries; and utilize my diagnostic
abilities to infer material science laws without the should be instructed. BTEC
IT has shown me a considerable measure about systems administration and the
vital aptitudes that businesses search for in the IT business. Through the
assignments I have been finishing in IT, I have additionally enhanced my
composed relational abilities as I have been composing point by point reports
for the subject.

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Where do I want to be?

Since the start of the academic year some of my goals have
changed and new goals added.

Previous goals:

 Achieve at least a C or above in my
end-of-term assessments and mock examinations.
Reach or exceeded my
target grades in my AS examinations
Get a distinction in at
least 3 units of my BTEC work
Improve my verbal
communication skills
   Improve my managerial skills


I have defined these objectives since I feel they are
achievable. The initial 4 targets are the place I need to be toward the finish
of year 13. Finishing these objectives will help me with my one year from now
of instruction and with future employments. I might want to deliver a fruitful
undertaking in my gathering as the experience is useful for the begin of work.
I would like to enhance my range of abilities, predominantly as verbal
correspondence. With regards to open talking and displaying, I am not
sufficiently sure to stand up and show. This aptitude is essential for
displaying in any activity as you should have the capacity to discuss
adequately with your associates.

Revised goals:

These are
the revised versions of my previous goals and the new goals that I have been
made relating to teacher/lecturer feedback.

For overall

or exceeded my target grades in my AS examinations  Get
a distinction in at least 3 units of my BTEC work  Improve
my verbal communication skills    Improve my managerial skills For BTEC IT:  Make
more notes during lectures to help with assignmentsTalk less to fellow students during lectures I have amended these objectives since I have
accomplished a few and I have been given educator criticism on what to enhance
in each subject. My general execution targets are like before with the exception
of that I have changed the review I am going for in my finish of-term exams as
I could finish that objective. In BTEC IT my objectives incorporate making
notes and not conversing with others as I some of the time discover assignments
troublesome in light of the fact that I wasn’t focusing in class.