Daniel’s Exhibition Response paper

This is M.C. Escher’s drawing named . is a painting with a skill of lithography. Like many of Escher’s works, the meaning of the imagery is enigmatic. There are symbol that his drawing represents. And one is that the lizard. The lizards represents man, emerging from pure concept in two dimensions, becoming a three dimensional being. I liked the way that Escher drew the shadows, and patterns. And as you can see, there’s mathematical things in the picture.Example for this drawing, the Tessellation. The definition of tessellation is a covering of an infinite geometric plane without gaps or overlaps by congruent plane figures of one type or a few types. This is the wain way that Escher drew, scientifically, mathematically, and also creatively. The creature’s body consists of six appendages to the torso including a head, a tail, and four legs. Each individual creature has a five sided head with a short, blunt narrowing end that seems to act as the nose. Two long lines run parallel to one another from the base of the head to the tip of a creature’s tail.I can see the details of every living things; the crocodiles, the cactus… etc.I think these crocodiles show the will of human to freely enter and exit the virtual world or other world in our imagination. In this drawing, the crocodiles are transforming to 3D-real life animals. And this is human entering the virtual world, or some utopia that we imagined. When the animals turn into tessellation, again, that is coming back to the real world.Another thing I found interesting is the details of the book and the bottle, and the shadow of the glass. The hardcover book with the partial title “Nature” may be represented to show where the artist came to the idea of drawing animals. The cacti allude to desert habitats which could have inspired the drawing of reptiles. The landscape of how the objects are orientated and the path the reptiles walk may also be significant.  The bottle shows us the loneliness of Escher that he drank alcohol drinks. In fact, when Escher was a live, he wasn’t that popular. I think this reflects the life of Escher.And also does the glass.  I think Escher’s drawings are all meaningful and creative. These kinds of drawings aren’t ordinary of common. Even though this is a lithography, the art or process of producing a picture, writing on a flat, specially prepared stone with some greasy oily substance, I can see the exact value of the drawing. If I have such talent, I would like to draw those types of drawings. I felt relaxing while watching his drawing. The cycle was infinite. When I came out from the gallery, the drawing with the most clear memory was this picture. I wish you understand why.