history final

Manifest Destiny was the expansion of the United States that they believed should stretch coast to coast, from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean. Three main ideas that lay behind “Manifest Destiny” was that “God favored American expansion”, “free development”, and “ territorial acquisition”. When O’Sullivan said that God favored this notion he meant that the american expansion would be in good hands of God’s chosen people. “Free development” meant that the more we expanded america the more people would have the opportunity to live in freedom. “Population growth required acquisition” pretty much means that many people will be responsible for territory so America will be well taken care of. The “Manifest Destiny” shaped the growth of the United States by expanding our land and our population. Expanding our land meant expanding our agriculture as well. Some arguments made by people who didn’t agree with the Manifest Destiny were that the United States territory would be too big for the government to rule, that the more territory the more slaves,and that adding more territory would take away some political power in the other states. Not having the government to to help rule all the new territory would leave the U.S. in chaos and that goes along with all the new territory taking away some political power. The way they ruled everything out worked well. Splitting up the states and figuring a way out to make all the states equal when it comes to voting and not giving the government too much power.Jay’ Treaty caused France to treat the US as an unfriendly nation, Quasi War french seize US ships, federalist attempted to crush republicans by branding pro-french. Jay’s treaty ended up fixing problems that had happened in the Treaty of Paris that ended the American Revolutionary War. Put in by Alexander Hamilton i had upset the french and the Americans. There were pro treaty Federalist and Anti- treaty federalists. The Quasi war was fought in the pacific ocean and was considered an undeclared war.