Diversity in the workplace is a
very important topic in today’s workforce. Diversity can be described
as differences among
people in gender, sexual orientation, race,
ethnicity, age,
religion, and socioeconomic background. In a welcoming job
environment, the managers and workers need to have a policy against
discriminating against women and different ethnicities. In
order to have an effective and efficient team, the workers need to feel welcomed
and accepted.

to Vanessa Fuhrmans, “When it comes to equality in U.S. companies, women seek a
work in progress while men view it as a mission accomplished” (Fuhrmans, 2017). Women
are not created equal compared to men in the workplace. There is a higher
percentage of men working in higher level jobs including the C-Suite level jobs.
Women however, have trouble reaching such high positions in their workplace.
This is known as the glass ceiling. This is a term used to describe the issues
women and minorities face to rise up the corporate ladder.

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article, “The Hidden Battle of the Sexes at Work” by Vanessa Fuhrmans, is
about women in the workforce fighting for equality. Men believe that women
have completed their mission and they should be happy with their success.
However, women aren’t happy with this. They believe women cannot reach the
successfulness of men. Sadly, men outnumber women in entry level jobs 2 to
1, and are more likely to move up the management ladder. Women are more
likely to believe that men will not add diversity in the workplace and continue
the standard role as a boss. According to a McKinsey study in 2015, the
found that teams with women on it seem to be more profitable and successful for
the company (Fuhrmans, 2017).

 The article states, the midlevel managers have
a lot of potential to make a difference with women (Fuhrmans, 2017).
This level has the most sway with the employees. This is known as the
functional level. These are the people who work with the employees on
a day to day basis and watch over them. Ultimately, this would be the perfect
opportunity for the male workers to encourage the female workers to speak their
minds and share their ideas. According to Chief Executive Mehran Assadi,
“I will often weigh in on hiring promotion conversations by asking, ‘Are we
getting enough diversity of thinking here?’” (Fuhrmans, 2017).
This thinking will help boost women into senior roles and create a diverse
workplace. Employers need to think of these questions during the interview
process to help create diversity. Employers can get in trouble if they discriminate. The
federal government has created laws to prevent this: Title VII of the civil
rights act of 1964 and Age Discrimination in employment act of 1964.

This article
relates to the Glass Ceiling complex. This can be defined as a metaphor alluding to
the invisible barriers that prevent minorities and women from being promoted to
top positions. In the article, it states that a gap is formed
between men and women when it comes to the C-Suite. “women hold just one-fifth
of top roles in the C-suite” (Fuhrmans, 2015). Men find it more intimidating
when a woman is in a higher position than them. This also goes against the
Distributive Justice which is a moral principle calling for fair distribution
of pay, promotions and other organizational effects.

The biggest issue
women face while trying to climb the corporate ladder is their “Motherly duties.”
Most women have a spouse while a similar and demanding job as them. Also, women
are more likely to have more responsibilities when they get home.
They need to make dinner, clean the house and care for the children. This
is a major reason why women have such issues at work. In order to have a
high position, most women are single and have not family. Their job is so
demanding they couldn’t handle both. If these jibs had flexible hours, this would
not be an issue, however it’s not logical or beneficial.

In the article, “Bank of
America aims to Meet Workers’ Push for diversity,” by Bloomberg Law, discusses
the need for Bank of America to include diversity in its banks and offices.
Bank of America realized that it needs to focus on diversity and inclusion in
its workforce and they are looking directly at its employees for help.
The financial giant is now trying to play catch up in the world of investments.
They are now trying to reach diverse backgrounds to invest in their company.
The main focus is the women on the work force. According to Bloomberg Terminal
data, “Bank of America leads its peers in promoting women to management
positions, but its employment of women
as a percentage of its workforce has steadily declined over the last 5 years”
(Bloomberg Law, 2017). Women in the workforce have
a harder time in their company to reach higher level positions.
According to the data presented in the article, women made up 61 percent of the
workforce in the banking industry. However only 2 percent of
those women were able to reach an executive level position.
Ernst and Young also reveal that Blacks and Hispanics only make up 20 percent
of the banking industry.

Bank of America plan to
correct this situation by starting a program by launching initiative to have
“courageous conversation” (Bloomberg Law, 2017). This means the employees
should be able to have an open dialogue to understand the differences around
them. Human Resources is the leader
in this initiative and to get the employees to work together.
Their strategy is to get the workforce to mirror the communities it serves.
They want to include a global women’s conference and leadership summits.
Bank of America should also have available networks to help the employees
interact with each other who have different ethnic backgrounds. Managers
can take many more steps to become sensitive to the ongoing effects of

in their organizations, take advantage of all the contributions
diverse employees can make, and prevent diverse employees from being unfairly
treated. They should have provided
accommodations to employees in need, schedule critical meetings, educate the
workforce of dormitory actions and how to avoid doing so.

is very important to a new hire or prospective hire to a company.
According to Glassdoor, “10 percent of the 750 HR professionals will
voluntarily leave their organization in the next twelve months as a result of
not having diversity and inclusion programs.” Millennials are the most
likely to demand diversity at work.
millennials are always thinking in the future, they want to see diverse
leadership in their company. Diversity and inclusion
programs can’t be created overnight in a company who never practiced it before.
It will take time and they need to constantly ensure that each employee is
practicing diversity within each area. They need to start at the
bottom and incrementally build themselves up, eventually reaching the top.
Bank of America should be successful.

Organizations and
companies are more diverse than ever today. Hiring talent form
different ethic, geographic, racial and religious backgrounds is becoming
accepted by businesses. Companies benefit from hiring from diverse backgrounds
and ultimately, they create a diverse environment for the employees. However,
there are struggles associated with hiring diversely. The employers need to
understand the truth and welcome diversity with open arms. If there is not an
accepting environment, the employers are more likely to experience conflict and
reduced productivity.

first step is understanding discrimination. The supervisors need to be knowledgeable
about the discrimination laws and penalties for violating them. By
knowing the laws and sharing them with their workforce will create an open
environment. Ultimately, this will lead to less behavioral issues and conflicts
between the employees. This knowledge can prevent employers from making
decisions that will go against the company’s diversity program. Second, the
company should invest in diversity training. Companies should hold
diversity training sessions to reinforce policies and encourage appropriate
behavior. With these sessions, the employees will be able to learn skills and
behaviors to deal with the diverse employees they may be working with. Next,
there needs to be an accepting atmosphere. The environment needs to
be welcoming and the employees need to feel empowered and work as a team.
Leaders can be very effective in helping to establish morale and encourage
employees to perform best. In a job, the employees look to the supervisors or
managers as a role model. If they are negative about certain scenarios, the
employees will also act negative.

also need to provide an orientation to help new employees become familiar with
the company, how it operates, and the workforce. At this orientation, the
new employee will learn about the policies, and have their questions and
concerns answered. Also at this orientation, the managers can outline
and give the acceptable job description. The company needs to clearly highlight
their duties and the skills required for the position. Lastly, the company
should have team building and have free flow of communication.
For organizations to flourish and enforce trust among employees, team building
exercises can be very helpful. At these exercises, all employees will have a
chance to speak their mind and share their ideas. Free flow conversation may be
the most important aspect of a successful company. It’s all about sharing
ideas, concerns, and solutions to ensure a healthy work environment.

Diversity is
extremely important in the workplace. Employers should know how diverse they
are and the benefits it will have. A diverse workplace will increase the
productivity of the employees and keep them happy. They will be able to feel
comfortable and be able to share their beliefs and values to their other
coworkers. Since men dominate most levels of management in companies, they
should encourage women to speak their minds and share their ideas. Women should
not be discriminated just because they are a girl. Employers should hire
based on their ideas, qualifications and what benefits they would bring to the
company. Stephanie Foley says, “Advancing women ‘is a collective effort, it
can’t just be something HR or women do’” (Fuhrman, 2015).  Men and women need to be supportive in the
work force and they should always feel equal and accepted and not judged by
their gender. Successful management reflects positively on a company and
encourage customers to establish long term relationships. A diverse workforce
is the best possible resource a company can have and will help them in the long