ABSTRACTIn the age of advances in the information technology that can gain a lot of conveniences, the experiencing of the film are step forward from the old era. On the old era to see a film are just published on the television but nowadays with any platform that of device that can be watch film in anywhere anytime. However, the existing research about pre-production stages for the film is very limited. This research of study which that conclude in investigating the importance of pre-production stages. Through with the analysis and the research of the film that can be understanding how well of the film in the further will going on and also the disadvantage which is the filmmaker might do not want to waste the duration of the times so that cut off of the pre-production stages steps. This case studies aim to the filmmaker has a guideline and the importance of the pre-production stages, if without this stages the film is difficult to bring out the message to audiences.                       CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1.1 Background According Oxford Students Dictionary that record about of film which means to record down as moving pictures of an event, story and etc with using a camera. In the film making also have divided to the documentary, short film and music video that can be represented by an audience a different message. In the short film that has another name called by filmed in the Turkish language, the process is same as with film which has a beginning, middle and ending stage, however, the short film basically is not longer than 40 minutes. As an independent director will usually use a low budget to record it as a short film, besides that is also are part of a challenge to the director because it made to make people laugh or sad but also is across a message to let the audience to get it. Back to the early history of pioneer movie, the short film in Germany and United States of America have a long history and also began at 1910’s. In 1910’s until 1930’s, Germany director use cultural and artistic short film to appear in television or cinema, the short film video also uses as a new media to support auxiliary programs. As an example of Ufa short film movie starting 1918’s until nowadays is independent culture studio, there make a short film content as an education and culture storyline. Beside that, in the same years also produce most of the comedy short film to attract audiences to make people laugh. In the 1930’s also are the popularity of short film started to decrease, but in 1955’s short film in the industry of film is rises again.  The reason why will rises again is that of Charlie Chaplin, he was an English comic actor and filmmaker. He starts produces a silent features short film as a comedy short film also to make people laugh and love his performance. Charlie Chaplin the most popular short film was “City Light” that produces in 1931’s, City Light story was a Tramp’s love for a blind flower girl, his put a lot of effort to earn money for her sight-saving operation. This short film also that challenge to Charlie 21 months to produces and he says “had worked himself into a neurotic state of wanting perfection.  In the new modern era, short film as recognized by everyone and also most of director or editor are published in social media like YouTube or Vimeo which platform that can encourage people to upload to give audience easy to see, these sites can be attracted a larges viewership and massive following. Beside that, in new era have a lot of short film festival such as Tropfest Festival organized in 1993 which is at Australia and also there are few of organization type of short film awards that according to the video length and they are largely popular due to their entertainment value in this short film industry. 1.2 Problem Statement In the short film making process have many stages of making a good quality short film based on pre-production, production, and post-production. In the pre-production stage of film making include storyboard plan, location plan, talent list, budget list and etc. According to the few process that familiar for film director or the planner, most of them are ignore with this part of that and in the end waste a lot of budget and time, but is the important in one film making process and also is kind of process from starting until produces out one good quality short film. In the film project, if without of the pre-production stages that will make the whole planning lack purpose and direction, ultimately in the end will send an unclear message to the audience.1.3 Purpose of StudyIn the short film industry, the reason of why need pre-production process as the first stage it because is a guideline for crew knows what exactly going on and also important that can explain with your client which stage you are working on and heading in order to give a feedback from them. As a researcher to study and research out of pre-production process on Golden Horse Award nomination in the best features film between 2006-2016. To research about of pre-production process is because can help filmmaker who does not follow as the process part or a guideline for a new independent director as a first stage checklist to guide before starting the next stage which is production or post-production. Beside that will choosing Golden Horse Award nomination in the best features film between 2006-2016 is because Golden Horse Award is the most early organized award festival for a Chinese film, besides that this award is the organization of Taiwan authorities.