Colonies by Lucas Robbins Your out in the field tending crops, sweat dripping down the side of your head. You are forced to work for food, it’s been many, many hours with the sun going down as slowly as possible, you wait to be called in for dinner. It feels like for forever but you be called in you rush to the door and eat dinner the go to sleep knowing that you will be doing the same thing tomorrow just for breakfast and dinner.This is what some work looked like in the coloniesJamestown was rough but a successful colony, don’t forget the laws or else you will have to go court and you could be executed but if you be good and help the colony, the colony will be successful because of all the slaves and tobacco Jamestown had. Jamestown How it started It all started when King James letting these English merchants settle out to Virginia and to make a new company. The company was called the Virginia Company. The Virginia Company was made up of many people which have put in money to start the company, and when they put in money they were given an ownership to the company, then they settled out to Virginia. In 1607 107 colonist in three boats settled out to Virginia. It was a long but normal boatride. The settlers arrived at Chesapeake bay . Then, after sailing along the bay they saw a river and “they named it the James River to honor king James” according to the Reflections book. The settlers got off their boat to settle at a piece of land that they named Jamestown to once again honer king James for letting them make a company and to let them settle at Jamestown. According to the Reflections book it says that “Jamestown’s location turned out to be a poor choice for a settlement. The land was low and swampy. Swamps meant mosquitoes and mosquitoes meant deadly diseases.”   And that’s how Jamestown started. The Beginning of Jamestown The first woman arrived at Jamestown in 1619. Most of the colonist weren’t used to farming and hunting, they couldn’t even fish, instead of coming to Virginia to start a colony the Virginia company had a different idea and they came to Jamestown to get rich and make some money. When the colonist ran out of food that they brought they had little to no food because they were to busy looking for gold and to get rich. They were in a crises! Until one person came along with the name of “John Smith who was a soldier, writer and a explorer. When he became leader he made a rule which was that anyone who did not work would not eat”  says the reflections book. Then everyone started working for hours and hours so they would have enough food to survive. Some things that people did for food “were planting, building shelters and putting up palisades from indian attack” according to the reflections book. When the colonist heard about native Americans and them being very powerful, the colonist named the tribes the Powhatans. The colonists and the Powhatans had a lot of conflicts because the colonist kept on stealing crops and food from the Native American and this lead to battles and even people from both sides being captured, Then one day when John Smith was out exploring he was captured by the Powhatans. One day a rumor has it that a girl with the name of Pocahontas freed John Smith and they finally came in with peace in each other, for a little while but in this  time they traded goods and they didn’t have any conflicts. Sadly many people died in the early stages of Jamestown but, it still was a successful colony in the later days. I wonder what made the peace break from the Native Americans the Virginia company   The ChangeAfter Jamestown’s rough beginning the town has finally found its “place” and as the years went by population grew more and more until there was over 1,000 people in Jamestown all doing work and this change made a big difference in Jamestown The item that made the Virginia company so successful was Tobacco, but the main reason to start the colony in the first place was for the gold.  When they became richer they started paying people to come out to Jamestown and work for them and they worked 3 to 7 years! These people were called indentured servants. SlaveryDuring the 1700’s slavery was common in all thirteen colonies and most or all of them being from Africa, but some colonies brought in and forced to work or else they were killed. As the need for more workers increased indentured servants started to stop working for the colonies because they were demanding more money, so instead they started getting slaves. Slaves were different because they were forced to work and they had no pay. Work This is a picture of slaves working at a plantation( a form of land that was used to grow cash crops like tobaccoSlaves were forced all day long with little breaks and with little food. Most slaves worked in plantations and some were house slaves. House slaves cooked food for their master and they basically did everything in the kitchen, I wonder if they did anything else outside of the kitchen. The workers in the plantations must of did a lot of farming in the tobacco fields or on some cash crops that other colonies had. Life as a slaveImagine your in a small cabin with a random person were you can stretch your arms out and you can touch the wall. When the only thing your happy about is… shelter  and privacy. If you had a nice “master” then he will probably treat you like a normal person, but that was not often. Slaves were usually beaten or whipped by their master with nothing to do about it, and if they did do anything then the master would even kill him or hurt him, a lot! Government New EnglandIn New England the Puritans( The people from the colony of Massachusetts bay) had a self government with only the church men being aloud to vote or be the leader or part of the government. When people didn’t like the laws or beliefs that the Puritans had then people would go to Rhode Island which was founded by Roger Williams who was a Puritan and he wanted religious freedom to therefore he went to start a colony in Rhode Island. In this colony he allowed everyone to have their own beliefs.   Middle ColoniesIn the Middle Colonies every colony had a Legislature, and court, and a governor with the governors of New Jersey and New York being chosen by the king and the Pennsylvania and Delaware colonies voted for their governor.  The New York and Jersey colonies had a royal government(Ruled by the English Monarchy) and The Pennsylvania and Delaware colonies had a proprietary government(The leader owned the land) Southern ColoniesThe Southern Colonies governed themselves and had meetings to talk about issues, laws, and interests that people had in mind. Laws were passed on to the governor and he would either accept them or deny them. The leaders were usually rich landowners instead of them being voted by the citizens. ConclusionThe people were mostly chosen by the people but some were chosen by the king and that’s how the colonies government started. Thankfully slavery is over because that must be a tough life as a slave back then. Jamestown was one of the most successful colonies ever. I wonder how the people even thought of the slaves or why they had them, why couldn’t they do it by themselves without the slaves.