Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed

Attending a Catholic school is a blessing that many people do not get to experience. The opportunity to be able to grow your bond with God while getting a good education is an amazing thing to be apart of. Not only do we just get to live in our faith everyday, there are many other perks to having a Catholic education that is very important.
In public school, expressing our religious beliefs in classroom environments is prohibited. One reason why parents choose to send their kids to catholic school is because they want to make sure their child is raised and taught in the presence of their faith. Doing this can help scholars the chance to understand the Catholic faith. A huge difference between private religious schools and public schools is that the class size is noticeably smaller. This can improve education because teachers have an easier time getting to know their students and make sure they are doing what they are instructed to do. Catholic schools have been known to score higher on standardized testing more than public schools. Apart of education, we are all required to take a religion class all four years. This helps us strengthen our faith and knowledge of Catholicism. 
Catholic schools provide a safe and caring environment. We are all so small and close that we are like a second family. After all, friends that pray together, stay together! Catholic schools also accept students from different religions. There is always people from different cultures and religion that come to our school. 
It is apart of the Catholic faith to give back to others. Catholic schools provide many opportunities to actively live in faith. We do many different service projects where we will raise money by five dollar dress days and donate the proceeds to a charitable cause. We also do food drives for our local pantry or, for the natural disasters that have occurred in 2017. Mother Teresa once said “it is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters.” Service projects teach us to value how blessed we all are and learn how to express random acts of kindness to show the love and compassion in our hearts. 
Practicing our faith and serving others will not disappear after the end of our high school journey. It will become a habit to pray everyday and serve everyone without expecting anything in return from the love in our hearts. This is the goal religious schools, to grow our bond with God through a safe, caring environment. To learn, serve, lead, and succeed.