Seven Issues Tough Women Won’t Bear In A Relationship

Seven Issues Tough
Women Won’t Bear In A Relationship


Men by nature have a strong
personality; yet for some reason, women’s innate strength intimidates men who
are weak. Women who are smart enough are aware of this strength and would never
tolerate mediocrity, especially coming from the male species. Having a
relationship with an Alpha woman entails a lot of benefits; nonetheless, not
all men can handle such kind of affiliation. Strong women know exactly what
they want, and they will never allow themselves to be drawn into the company of
weaklings; more so if the 7 elements listed below exist in their relationship.

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1. Dishonesty

A strong woman has discernment;
they are equipped with a good judgment which is why they could easily determine
whatever kind of lie you are holding. Truthfulness and integrity are the
foundation of a woman who has an Alpha personality. No matter who they are
with, they will cherish it for the rest of their lives.

If you attempt to
lie, just anticipate that she has a way of extracting the truth and punch it
all into your face. She will never dissuade you socializing with your buddies
nor get judgmental when you commit a mistake. But take note; she will throw you
out of the window when you choose to deceive her.

2. Insolence

Aggressive women have high regard for people who pay
respect not only to them but to other individuals as well regardless who they
are. Additionally, they will be looking for these qualities on people they meet
most especially to the one they are having a relationship with. If respect is not
your cup of tea, then you better forget that you ever meet her because she will
just ditch you right away and move forward.

3. Insensitivity

Strong women by
nature are still human and seek your advice, yet it doesn’t prove that she is
clueless. If you intend to support yet treat her with misdemeanor and never
allow her to speak up for herself, then you better leave before she cut you out
from her life. It’s their innate Intelligence that strong women cherished most.
Therefore, you need to brace yourself to discover how broad her knowledge is
and get ready for brainstorming else you will never see her again.


4. Inequality

If you think that
you are living in the traditional world where men rule over women, then wake
yourself up. Those days are gone, this time women are empowering men. You can
never treat her as if she is your servant; not anymore with a strong woman. If
you desire to establish a good relationship with her, then you need to treat
her as your equal. If it hurts your ego to do it, consider yourselves as a stranger.
Strong women will never bear inequalities in her life much more in her
relationship not even in her wildest dream.

5. Invasion of

NO means NO for
strong women; don’t you ever twist it with your own way. A strong woman
reserves her own space; cross that boundary and you will consider your
relationship history. You can never impose on her independence because she will
never ever conform.

6. Apathy

If you started your
relationship being expressive of what you feel about her and how you
appreciated her even her whims, then don’t stop. Just because she is all yours
and stays faithful doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to hear you tell her how much
you care for her anymore. Being indifferent towards her would eventually cut
all her ties with you.

7. Lack of Support

By nature strong women are goal-oriented and driven by
their ambition that makes them workaholic to attain their goal. If you meddle
with her ambition, she will take you as an insecure boy who is just a
distraction towards success. What she wanted is someone who is ambitious as
her, and wanted to grow with her as well. If you want to drag her down, don’t
expect her to drown with you. A strong woman would certainly find her way out
and leave you gasping for breath. Stop her from pursuing that dream and
ambition and she will ditch you without hesitation.