A natural phenomenon called a hurricane, also known as tropical cyclone, is a rotating low pressure weather system with thunderstorms.  When to tropical cyclone has winds that are less than 39 mph they’re called tropical depression‘s. When the speed of wind is higher than 39 mph that is called a tropical storm. Finally when a storm such as this reaches 74 mph and higher, then it is called a hurricane. A hurricane is ranked on a scale of 1 to 5, the scale is called saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale. The higher the number on the scale, the more damage the storm will cause.  Most hurricanes originate in the Atlantic including  the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Eastern North Pacific ocean and Central North Pacific ocean. Hurricanes typically occur from June 1 through November 30.Hurricanes caused major damage to the environment. Some ways that hurricanes do this is by erosion, dune destruction, overwash inundation, Island breaching, Marsh erosion and coastal cliff erosion.  All of these things are extreme causes that destroyed beaches and make the beaches more vulnerable for future storms. Sands from the beaches can be pushed into the homes destroying neighborhoods and memories of families and communities. Hurricanes are known for taking lives of both people and animals. One of the deadliest hurricanes, Hurricane Katrina, killed 1,833 people. In addition, over 600,000 animals were killed or stranded from this hurricane. Although many birds and some animals have senses that they can understand there’s a danger coming and can leave, many others such as dogs and cats were abandoned.  These animals were easily stranded when the 15 to 20 foot waves took over.In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina happened, it wasn’t just the lives lost that impacted the people. Many people lost their homes. Till this day, they are still rebuilding in Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and southern states. When families don’t have insurance to rebuild, it can be a very big struggle to start over. It was it just the buildings that were lost. Many historical parks and museums were destroyed as well. Some things can be replaced, but the history of the towns in the lives that were taken we will never get back.Thankfully, from technology, we are able to prepare a little bit for hurricanes. When hurricanes are predicted to be at a very large scale, The government orders evacuation. Many families take their most important belongings and pets and begin to evacuate to the north. However some people are unable to leave. These people include patients in hospitals, and people who cannot afford to evacuate such as homeless and poor. In this case there are domes at football stadiums that people and families in this situation can go to. The domes are meant for many people and are much safer than a regular house. Before leaving, many people board up their houses with wood around the windows and doors however, this rarely impacts the final outcome of the storm. The outcome of hurricanes can be extreme to none. If the hurricane does cause extreme damage, there are many organizations that help these areas recover. One major organization is the Red Cross. The Red Cross does things such as rebuilding homes in treating people that need medicine and physical care. The Red Cross is a group of volunteers who helped and natural disasters such as this. Although the Red Cross and the other organizations can’t get back the lives lost, it is really something special to now that they have your back and will help you as much as They can in these situations.  Although hurricanes can take decades to recover from, our country works hard together to help our people in need. Overall hurricanes are one major natural for phenomenon that impact the lives of money. And although it is hard to recover from thankfully we can predict when they’re coming. Extreme natural events like this really show how our community and even country can come together and help each other in dangerous and vulnerable situations.