Alice in Wonderland

ALICE IN WONDERLAND – LEWIS CARROLLAlice in Wonderland belongs to the nonsense genre, unfamiliar worlds (fantastic, utopian, upside-down or remote in time or space).Most of the action doesn’t seem logical. Alice begins her journey as a hopeless and scared little girl, naive and curious.First of all, she has an inquiring mind that brings her down the rabbit hole and, even if her way of thinking could remind the adult kind of thoughts, she still acts like a child. A clear example of this kind of behavior is when she finds a bottle with the words ‘drink me’ labeled on. Before drinking from it, she carefully reflects about the possibility of the content of the bottle being poison, which shows she uses her reasoning skill, and although this may be true, her adult attitude fails as soon as her curiosity strikes in. From this scene it is possible to see how Alice is influenced by the children stories she has read, stories with rules, and morals at the end.Carroll emphasizes that Alice in Wonderland has no morals and everything is allowed.Identity is a crucial theme in Alice. Alice is asked to identify herself by several of the creatures of Wonderland and often she doesn’t succed in doing so. She is confused by herself. (”Who in the world am I ? Ah, that’s the great puzzle).She realizes she is not just trying to figure out Wonderland, but also attempting to determine who she is and whay constitutes her identity. Wonderland has already begun to affect Alice, and she rightly understands that her self perception cannot remain fixed.Certainly, Alice fits no conventional stereotype; she is neither angel nor brat. She has too much curiosity, but it’s contrasted by moderation and restraint.A strong moral consciousness operates in all of Alice’s responses to Wonderland. Alice’s simplicity owes a great deal to Victorian feminine passivity. Her reasonableness, sense of responsability and other good qualities will surface in her journey. She possess a lot of qualities: courage, humor, dignity, kindness, intelligence, courtesy.The trial, which is the last refuge of justice in the real world, is the key factor in Alice’s rejection of Wonderland.In conclusion, Alice wakes up on the lap of her sister filled with the images of Wonderland from her ”curious dream”. Fantasy is transformed into memory.¬†