Atticus, the GOAT

Namkha Nguyen Ms. HockensonEnglish 9h/Period 6December 13, 2017           Atticus, the GOAT Atticus has been through alot in his long lifespan and because of his old age and life experiences he has developed into a very wise man even if his character may be a little obscure. And because of these attributes he is very well respected in Maycomb and although he may not be perfect he still finds a way to set a good example and introduce his teachings and sometimes tranquil  and other times morbid experiences into the everyday lives of his contemporaries. This is displayed all throughout the story in times where the Finches go through tough times which forces Atticus to act.In the story To Kill A Mockingbird Atticus teaches his children life lessons that came from tough situations in his life. An example of this would be when Atticus decided to aid Tom Robinson with his case in court against the jury even though Atticus was being constantly scolded and and hated by his community just because he knew that Tom was being falsely accused, “ ‘If you shouldn’t be defendin’ him, then why are you doin’ it?’ For a number of reasons,’ said Atticus. ‘The main one is, if I didn’t I couldn’t hold up my head in town, I couldn’t represent this county in legislature, I couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to do something again,’ ” (100). This shows that even in the toughest situations in his life, Atticus is trying his best to set a good example for his children. This is important because it shows Atticus’ true character and how he is teaching his kids to not back down from things just because people don’t support them.Even though Atticus seems to be in a good condition mentally, physically, and intellectually, he still suffers from his old age which leads to his feebleness. “ATTICUS WAS FEEBLE: he was nearly fifty… but when Jem wanted to tackle him Atticus would say, ‘I’m too old for that, son,’… He was nearly blind in his left eye,” (118). These quotes show that Atticus is old and not in very good condition physically and possible mentally. They also show because since he is so old, his body may be deteriorating meaning that he is weak, slow and fragile. It also means that he may not be able to think as clearly as he used to, which means his mental state is also bad. This is important because due to his old age, if he is not able to think clearly In the story, once Atticus is known by the people of Maycomb to have decided to defend Tom Robinson, he is constantly bombarded with insults, slurs, and slanders to his name by the people he used to call friends, but despite this he continues on with life acting as if nothing happened as he tries to set a good example for those that look up to him, like his children. For example, “ ‘Your father’s no better than the niggers and trash he works for!’,” (135). This shows that Atticus is always insulted for his decisions. It is important because it shows how Atticus doesn’t want to express his emotions when being insulted because it would set a bad example for his kids. Atticus may be old, but despite the pitfalls that come with his declining years, Atticus still lives in a way that makes him worthy of everyone’s respect. This is because all he does in life is try to do what is right, set a good example for Jem and Scout, and teach his kids to all he can to help them have a successful life when he is no longer there. Atticus is the epitome of the of the perfect role model and he shows this throughout the story by teaching lessons to his kids, setting good examples, and expressing his thoughts to the people around. Overall, Atticus sets a good example to everyone who knows including the readers. Atticus is the best role model for readers and the characters in the story due to his actions and characteristics that he shows in the story by overcoming continuous obstacles for him and his friends and family.