The Famous Montgomery BusBy: Nathan Castro Rosa Parks is one of the well known activist throughout the world and had a unique life and impact on many things as well as people all over the world.She was a really brave woman who fought for what she believed in no matter what the consequence may be.Here is more interesting information about the one and only Rosa Parks.First is the most talked about conversation is the Montgomery Bus Incident which sparked many people.On December 1 , 1955 she refused to give her seat to another white individual on the public bus.As she was refusing to do so the bus driver had then notified the local police of the situation.She had stated that she had an encounter with the same bus driver which she said in her autobiography “I didn’t want anymore run-ins with that mean one”.Shortly as the cops arrived she was then placed under arrest for disorderly conduct as well as violating the Jim Crow Segregation laws. Now at this point in time everything was segregated among the people.In 1896 there was mandated segregation in all public facilities, “Separate but equal “.One of the laws was “It shall be unlawful for a negro and white person to play or in company with each other at any game of pool or billiards”.On the buses there was sections made for you based on the color of your skin.The first half of the bus was the white section and the other half in the back was the black section so that was the format of the seating chart set for the public buses.Although some do argue and mention that the seat she was sitting in that night was not in the white section so she was even more upset with the fact that she got charged with both accusations that night. Shortly after her arrest within a couple of days a Montgomery bus boycott had just begun.The campaign lasted from December 5 , 1955 to December 20 , 1956 when the United    States supreme court finally declared that the Alabama segregation laws were   unconstitutional.Parks was on the executive board of directors of the group organizing the montgomery bus boycott.Weeks after her first arrest she was then later on arrested for a second time for organizing a boycott as well as 114 others .She lost her department store job and was forced to move from Montgomery soon after the boycott as she received plenty of nasty phone calls and death threats.She along with her husband and mother moved to Detroit where she eventually worked as an administrative aide for Congressman John Conyers, Jr. and lived the the rest of her life. Rosa Parks helped build the American Dream to be possible as it is today.I’m not saying it is completely all the way there but is has made a bigger change since the Brittain era.There is still things we can do to make it a better place for everyone.I believe that the american dream is to be your own person is to be your own person without fear and freedom to do so with no consequences.Rosa is just one of many inspiring people of the civil rights movement and has earned her stripes.We still have some discrimination issues in today’s society but as you can see I guess it will just change every so often as it continues to make better progress as time comes.Some people will say that the american dream is to be here and make a living in the free world but then there’s some of the people who believe that the real american dream is to have the ability to make your own decisions and beliefs as well as having the same respect and equality of every human being under no ruler or king.