She Can, is an empowerment woman project helping women to include in social work by giving them soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking and time management, and it is targeting women whom 18+. I have participated in 2016 as a member of the capacity building committee (CB) . In this committee, we do workshops focused on leadership specifically.     After one year, I have been attended the US camp. During this camp, I used to participate in sessions every day at 9:00 a.m. During this sessions, I took different lecturer about leadership, this session effect on me as more than I thoughts, it’s a turning point in my life because I discovered  I have more than capacities I thought that I have. Although I used to attend a debrief every day at 8:00 p.m, it looks like a private circle, I can share my thoughts, dreams, fear, hops with another girl, and they share with me.     When I returned to Egypt, I decided to share these sessions that I have been taken before, and the debrief deal with the head of my committee to do that with our participants because I believe that sharing my knowledge is one of the most fundamental human behaviors. Luckily, the head got agreed with my ideas. Then, I started giving my colleagues on CB committee short training.In the aside, I contacted with one of American staff of the camp I was attended, and she helped me a lot to do these ideas in my community be giving me some tools, such as the topics we discuss with our participants.     After that, we started to introduce our new ideas to the participates. The really fascinating thing, they are welcome the new ideas. During the project, we give them,  different sessions, for example, learn how to learn, how to control your emotion. After two sessions, they start talking about their problem and share their ideas freely. Also, that makes them be more clothing with each other. Till now 32 girls have participated in this workshops regularly.     All in all, This experience teaches me that there’s great joy in sharing. sharing knowledge It gives me self-esteem it because I help people evolve And that’s just great!Also, it teaches me that knowledge is among the few things which increase on sharing because It is vital for our species.Due to we all have the urge to improve. So there is a choice: create all know ourselves or ‘trade’ it. Learn from others and share what we know. It’s a win-win situation.