Assignment on Role of Business Analyst

Name of the company: EXL Services

About the company

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EXL Service is an operations management and analytics company. EXL offers insurance, banking, financial services, utilities, healthcare, travel, transportation and logistics services.

 The company is headquartered in New York City with more than 26,000 professionals in locations throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America and South Africa.

Industries Served by EXL services

•        Healthcare Providers

•        Heath care Payers

•        Banking

•        Insurance

•        Retail

•        Transportation and logistics

•        Utilities

Functions of Business Analytics at EXL Services

·       Business analytics helps the company to approach different business-related problems in n number of ways.

·       Business analysis is used by the company for knowing the pattern of the expenditure made by customers through credit card and categorize how much these customers travel, where they like to travel and what all products they will prefer in the future.

·       Business analytics is also used as a pre-sales tool to target their potential customers at the right time.

·       Another major function of business analytics at EXL Services is the detection of credit card frauds. In countries like the US, password and OTP (One-time password) systems (that are vital for online transaction security) do not exist. Due to this, chances of fraud are even higher. To ensure the online security of their customers software such as SaaS are used by the company.

·       Business analytics also allows them to know which customers are likely to leave their company soon and determine how these customers can be retained by offering them relevant discounts and offers.

·       In a world full of data, digitization and effective decision making EXL merges statistical data mining with a consultative approach and modelling tools to help clients look deeper into their processes and business functions.

·       It helps companies minimize risk, boost operational efficiency, create regulatory compliance frameworks, simplify supply chains, and identify new channels for growth and profitability.

Role of Business Analytics in different sectors of the company

·       Marketing analytics: EXL creates customer profitability through targeting and creative data driven processes. A highly effective database technology is developed to develop measurable and efficient marketing campaigns.

·       Customer analytics: EXL allows its customers to untap new revenue systems and responds quickly to their customer needs and requirements.

·       Operations analytics: EXL uncovers deeply into client operations to get a better understanding on data analytics can be used for efficient and effective operational activities.

·       Finance and investment analytics: EXL helps CFOs increase their financial performance by improving business forecasting and implementing necessary strategic priorities like hedging, expansion and corporate investments.