George Petkov10/28/01/2018The Fascinating World of PhysicsScientific ArticleITERAbstract:            ITER is a machine that creates energy as it burns plasma. It is one big project that still hasn’t been activated. In the text below I am going to give explanations and image of ITER. The article tells what the purpose of ITER is and who supports it. What will this machine be able to do after it is launched and what are the goals the scientists behind this huge project want to reach. The advantages of fusion. There is also information about the benefits of having this machine functioning and producing energy. In addition there are some terms that are explained wider (because not everyone may know what they mean and they are important for understanding the content of the article).What is the purpose of ITER? Where is it? Who supports it?ITER, “The way” in Latin, is one of the most ambitious and hard projects nowadays. It’s mission is to produce unlimited energy and in this way help the humanity. ITER will be the first fusion machine to produce net energy, ever.What is net energy?Net energy is the product of the total power produced during a fusion plasma pulse surpassing the thermal power injected to heat the plasma.ITER has been started 35 years ago in southern France. Since then thousands of engineers have helped to build this machine. There are 35 nations participating in this project, some of them are: US, Russia, Japan, China, India and many countries from the European Union. All these countries are striving to build ITER so they can facilitate life worldwide.2.               What will ITER do? What are ITER goals? ITER will produce ten times more power that the injected one by burning plasma. This means that if there are 50 MW injected, ITER is going to produce 500 MW for pulses from 400 to 600 seconds.  ITER will show what a machine that works with fusion is. It will help scientists study the plasma under conditions that are similar to those in space. ITER will also show the safety of working with fusion, as many people are worried because of the high temperature.What is fusion?Without fusion, there won’t be life on earth. Fusion is hidden in the warmth and light we see everyday. In the Sun and stars’ cores there is a fusion occuring, fusion is the energy source of the Universe. Fusion is a hydrogen nuclei colliding with heavier helium atoms and releasing enormous amounts of energy in the process of collision. Fusion occurs in stars and Suns because of their extreme temperature.3.               What are the benefits of creating ITER and using it?ITER will be able to help the humanity in many ways. Having an unlimited source of energy, the fossil fuel burning will fall. The air will become cleaner and fresher and less people will suffer from diseases that are caused by polluted air. The price of electricity will decrease as there is an unlimited source of energy. People will be free to drive an electric car and use as much electricity as they need. Nowadays everything is going around electricity, we need it as a source of power and we are dependent on it. Burning fusion also does not emit CO2 or produce radioactive materials. In difference to fossil fuels ITER’s energy is unlimited and it’s also protected from meltdowns.     4.  Why it is hard to build ITER?            Scientists, engineers, designers and many more people worked for 35 years. It is a long period of time. To be build and safely launched, ITER needs to have control over each process going inside it. A big part of the energy production takes place at temperatures as high as the nucleus of the Sun (15 million?). This is very hot temperature to keep on our planet because it can cause serious damage. To prevent the danger ITER has to have the ability to control temperature inside it. That’s one of the main obstacles the team, building the giant machine, has to overcome. Of course there are many more reasons that complicate the construction but they can are way more superable. Discussion:            The most important thing about ITER is that it helps humanity. It suggests a cleaner air, small electricity bills, prevention of breathe illnesses and moreover a better life. That’s why I think it is worth to know and be informed about this giant project going on for 35 years. It is also interesting to follow the way ITER works and all the little components that sustain the huge machine. The net energy producer is a step into the future, having a star that produces unlimited energy will be enormous record for humanity and it wellbeing. A scheme of ITER:Sources: