Health belief model theory is one of the framework that is frequently
used in conducting research in educations and promotion of health’s related
matters as it also explains changes in term of health behaviour(). The health
belief model  can be used as a guide
within services to helps consumers understand health issues and for disease
prevention programs. Furthermore, this model has range of key elements that
focuses on individual belief around health conditions as well as predict
individual health related behaviours which can be design as a long-term and short-term
programs(). According to () the health belief model has five main action-related
components  that identify key areas in terms
of decision making points that influence health behaviour. These five action-related
components involves gathering personal information that determine individual risk
factor, conveying the consequences that is associated with beliefs or behaviour,
communicating to the target population where recommended action is highlighted,
providing assistance around the identification of barriers to action  and demonstrating of action where skill development
activities and support is combined to enhance self-efficacy for successful behaviour
changes.  This theory is known as one of
the earliest theories, it came into existence in the 1950s as a method to describe
reason behind medical screening programs and others disease related issues(). However,
health belief model focuses on individuals health behaviour where people have
their own set of beliefs when it comes to their own health and ways they can
maintain personal lifestyles. For example, people from different ethnicity have
their own perception of the seriousness of illness and how it impacts on their
day to day lifestyles as people have different ways of treating  or seeking medical support , when it comes to
being ill. Moreover, People who have experiences illness such as the flu often sees
the flu as a relatively minor aliment, which makes them to stay home for few
day instead of seeking immediate medical attention such as going to the GP for