hookah space

The concept of this start-up is
a combination of high-level service with a purpose of satisfying the needs of
all the incoming customers, according to modern and contemporary lounge bar
demands, and making these people loyal. Due to different nationalities and
cultures, you never know with whom you are going to deal, but all the waiters
and other employees are going to be an experienced staff able to communicate,
listen carefully and answer for all the customer needs.


Hookah Space is going to be
opened 7 days a week during a season time, which is from the end of April till
the end of October. In labor days it will work from 5 pm to 2 am,
and on the weekends from 5 pm to 4 am. In the period with no season from
November to the beginning of April, this place would work only on the weekends,
from Friday to Sunday included, and festivity days. The opening hours are going
to be from 6 pm to 2 am. During special events the timetable can be changed, or
if those are the private ones, the enterprise can be closed for outward
customers due to the private event.


The opening
and running this kind of business from zero takes a lot of efforts. The Hookah
Space team hopes to get profitability already in the first year as it was
counted in forecasts (chapter 5.5.4) and financial plan (chapter 5.7). If the
situation will be harder than it is expected, the external bodies will be hired
to improve the business, such as advisory groups, to reconsider all the parts
of the establishment starting from products and service provided, and finishing
with prices, workers and lounge bar design. Although, the negative outcome is
not expected so far.


Running a
hospitality business, especially in touristic areas, is not the easiest job.
That is why a business plan is needed. To become profitable in a
market economy, it is needed to prepare carefully a business plan, which
provides detailed explanations of how business management will take place in
order to ensure its profitability, as well as return on investment. Constant
changes in the economic environment, in which the company operates, presuppose
clarification and revision of the business plan, which in turn requires the
development of a mechanism for management-skilled personnel attraction to this
work. Success in business is a result of planning. Therefore, before running a
business, it is crucial to have a detailed written plan that indicates the final
goal, the path to that goal, and all the difficulties and tricks that can be
met on the way to it. The plan provides an opportunity to think about future
actions. The better plan is, the fewer surprises will pop up throughout
this project.


This is what was the main aim of the
thesis, reproduction of the ideas about the future start-up, write a proper
business plan so it would automatically become easier to look for an angel
investor or just in general open the business by cooperating with different
people, companies and governmental departments. In process of writing this
thesis, many skills and knowledge have been acquired due to brainstorming,
reading books, searching information through internet, communicating with
motivational people using different types of research methods and creativity
applying to all the thesis.