Personal Statement

They say, ‘Every accomplishment starts with the
decision to try’. I’ve always believed in trying, working and finding joy in my
heart’s desire. Born in a small yet beautiful city of Udaipur -India, I grew up
inheriting the culture of hospitality, music,[HK1]  and
peace. Even though my parents had wished their youngest son would become an
accountancy graduate, I became the first E[HK2] ngineer
in my entire family instead. The affinity towards computer programming started
when I wrote my first LOGO program in Class 6. How my eyes glittered when a line was
drawn, then a square and then a star, all through my code.[HK3] 
Computer Science became my obvious choice when selecting subjects after Class
10. The curiosity to learn more lay my grounds of pursuing my undergraduate [HK4] in
Information Technology with scoring a brilliant 90 percentage in Senior
Secondary[HK5] .

are the raw materials of great accomplishment’

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The stringent financial budget of my family of five wasn’t
enough for my expensive bachelor’s [HK6] degree.
But I was lucky to earn a scholarship from an NGO called ‘Shukre-Ilahi’ because
of my strong
[HK7] academic

The undergraduate curriculum allowed me to engrave in depth knowledge on various fronts of
technologies. It comprised of subjects like Engineering Mathematics, Database Management
Systems, Management Information Systems, Information Retrieval,[HK8] 
and Software Architecture which lay my foundation of understanding how
structured information and authentic data is vital for the success of an
organization. [HK9] 

Experience is the best teacher, they say, and I can’t
agree more. After implementing my first academic project in the second year of
my undergraduate curriculum, I had my first experience with data management and
retrieval. ‘Library Management System’, which was a basic system built to
retrieve the information of a book available in the library, crashed
immediately when I inserted data of more than 100,000 records and tried
retrieving 1(one) out of it. Though I was able to optimize and recreate the
data model to successfully deal with the situation, I learned much about query
optimization, database management and information retrieval.

In the final academic year of my undergraduate
program, I along with three other batch mates implemented a project on Natural
Language Processing – ‘Devanagari Handwritten Character Recognition’. This was
a first attempt towards digitization of ancient Devanagari texts written in
Hindi, Sanskrit, etc., the only project of its kind in the entire University of
Pune. The project utilized the principles of Optical Character Recognition
(OCR). My role in the project was to carry out research and analysis of current
OCR systems, Database management,[HK10]  and A[HK11] lgorithms to implement various stages
of the system. Extensive research and study of algorithms and technical papers
were done resulting in the successful implementation of the project. The system
achieved an accuracy rate of 77% in converting a typical handwritten text in
Hindi Language. Our team received many accolades including the most innovative
project of the year.

I co-authored the technical paper – ‘A New Approach
for Segmentation of Devanagari Characters’, published in the Global Research
Analysis Journal (April
2013 issue[HK12] ). It demonstrated an algorithm to
segment the characters, a part of the system of my final year project. The algorithm
achieved 97% success rate of segmenting a noiseless binarized image.

The technical experience in the college was juxtaposed
well with extra-curricular activities. Being the President of the Student Forum
gave me a chance to start, lead,[HK13]  and organize a week long cultural
and technical intra college festival. I was also the lead guitarist of a band
which won the inter college rock band competition in 2013.

Transition to the path of building a professional
career started in the final year of my college after my placement [HK14] in HSBC. I got a chance to work on
the flagship product of the bank – ‘Global Mortgage Program’ as a full stack
developer. The importance of data integrity, data access levels,[HK15]  and secure information retrieval
were learned during my tenure in this project. I implemented and proposed
various integration and data retrieval workflow solutions. I also got a chance
to work simultaneously on various small projects. One among them was ‘Copper –
Image conversion and storage’, a project helping the Bank ease the acquisition
process in the Middle East region saving more than $100,000 by automating
image conversion whilst assigning a unique number and storing the same [HK16] in Bank’s Database.

To further improve my
understanding of different businesses and organizations, I decided to take a
step out from
my ever comforting [HK17] space at HSBC and started working for
Deloitte Consulting LLC as a Technology Consultant of Salesforce. Working for
an entirely new technology, domain, and business of one of the largest media
houses in the world threw strenuous challenges, but also gave me a platform to
expand my knowledge. ‘Enterprise Metadata Management’, my current CRM project
of managing the ever growing data of the organization gave me a great insight
of information management, secure and valid data retrieval, and data integrity.
The industry experience of close to five years has not only helped me
understand the importance of data and information management but also has sparked
an urge to pursue a post graduate degree to learn and convert this
understanding into an expertise.

Though in small, but I always believe
in giving back to the society. I donate small part of my earnings every month
to an NGO helping in educating underprivileged kids. At HSBC, I have helped
organize various events including blood donation camps, NGO visits, mass tree
plantation, etc. [HK18] 

A truly global education
and experience liberates the mind and exposes it to limitless possibilities, to
innovate thinking. This coupled with my passion for learning has been a driving
factor for seeking a post-graduation in Management Information Systems. I
firmly believe that the MSIS at UB School of Management with its state of the
art networking and information assurance laboratory, student organizations like
MISA, and expert faculty preparing students for all important aspects of real
business world will lay an excellent platform to augment my technical skills
and growth. I am assertive that my industry experience and learning potential
will prove to be a significant contribution to the school’s research programs.
I am sure I will fit right in the globally diverse student community and
culture of the university. I thank the Admission Committee for their valuable time
and consideration and I look forward to a correlative [HK19] rewarding and intellectually
inspirational association with the University of Buffalo.